EC Meeting Summary 12/06/08

Executive Council Meeting

The Executive Council met in Knoxville, TN, on December 6, 2008.

The Council voted a TBP Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Velio A. Marsocci, P.E., NY E ’53, who served on the Fellowship Board for 21 years. Capt. Jammie L.H. Jamieson, CO Z ’00, was appointed to the Fellowship Board for a term ending July 31, 2010.

The 2008 Convention held in October in Sacramento, CA, was reviewed and judged to have been successful, and the Council reviewed recommendations presented during the annual meeting. In compliance with a charge from the 2008 Convention, the invitation of five Indiana chapters to host the 2011 meeting in Indianapolis was accepted. Vice President Solange C. Dao was appointed as liaison to the 125th Anniversary Convention Committee.

Dr. Joseph J. Helble, PA A ’82, was appointed Chair of and Drs. Philip M. Gerhart, IN B ’68, and Cheryl B. Schrader, IN D ’84, were appointed to the National Outstanding Advisor Selection Committee. District Directors R.A. Holcomb, B.A. Kramer, and J.A. Hester were appointed to the Laureate Selection Committee. The Distinguished Alumnus Selection Committee and McDonald Selection Committee were combined, and Directors T.A. Pinkham IV, E.S. Styles, and J.G. Dabling were appointed to the new Alumnus Recognition Selection Committee. The Council reviewed the nomination procedure for the Distinguished Alumnus Program.

A schedule of Spring District Conferences was reviewed, and assignments were made for national-official representation at all 16 Districts.

Executive Director J.D. Froula reported on the status of the 2008 Alumnus Giving Program; his first-quarter financial report of the fiscal year had been sent to the Council and was accepted. The Council approved naming TBP-Lawrence C. Lynnworth Fellow No. 2 for 2009 in recognition of a generous gift. The Council appointed Stanley C. Lynch, OR A ’73, Chair, and Emiel E. Belzer, SD A ’74, to the 2008-09 Financial Review Committee. Crowe Horwath, LLP, was appointed as auditor for the next three years.

President L.A. Simonson reported on his visits with alumni in California on behalf of the Financial Development Committee, and the Council authorized an expense of up to $5,000 during the next six months for a research assistant.

The Council reviewed the budget and modified the official travel policy effective January 1, 2009, to allow private automobile reimbursement at a rate of $.25 per mile. The Council reduced the number of 2009 fellowships to be given to 30 and decided that future issues of THE BULLETIN would be published only on the website. The Council reviewed the negative impact of the recent performance of the stock market on the Tau Beta Pi Trust and the asset allocation of 90% equities and 10% bonds and generated questions for the Trust Advisory Committee.

Project grants under the Greater Interest in Government Program were given to the California Alpha, California Psi, District of Columbia Alpha, and Iowa Alpha Chapters, and the local projects which cash awards were made will be reported in a later issue of THE BENT.

Councillor J.F.K. Earle reported on recent progress in the K-12 MindSET Program. Assistant-Secretary Hawks reported on the various information-technology improvements. Councillor J.A. Huggins reviewed a tracking document and the status of progress on actions underway to achieve the Council’s strategic goals.

EC: EC—12/17/08; DDs, PDs—12/22/08

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