The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Elects New Members

NAE President Charles M. Vest, WV ’63, announced 65 new members and nine foreign associates have been elected to the NAE.

Of the 65 members, 13 are Tau Bates:

Diran Apelian, PA Z ’68

Jean-Lou A. Chameau, GA A ’77

Yet-Ming Chiang, MA B ’80

William J. Dally, VA B ’80

Jack B. Dennis, MA B ’53

Percy A. Pierre, DC A ’61

Robert A. Scholtz, OH B ’58

Howard A. Stone, CA L ’82

John A. Swanson, NY D ’62

Richard Swanson, OH G ’69

Edwin L. Thomas, MA Z ’69

Stephen D. Umans, MA B ’70

Alan R. Washburn, PA G ’62

Read the press release with brief details of engineering accomplishments and contributions of new NAE members.

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