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  1. As a Tau Beta Pi member since 1980, and an engineer working in The aerospace industry since 1982, I have to say that John Holdren is currently an embarrassment to Tau Beta Pi. My experience, John, is that denial is just a river in Egypt.

    No one in Tau Beta Pi, should they take the time to read the code (not the email) in the released CRU files, can argue that there was no manipulation of the data that favored the investigators hypothesis. Why not just multiply the data by Pi?

    For Holdren, an honored Tau Beta Pi member, to deny doubt about the integrity of the data supporting global warming or climate change (which ever hypothesis you prefer to address) makes every member of our honor society look like an insincere, uneducated and horribly biased fool.

    Ethical behavior is paramount in my industry (unless you are partial to prison). I have never witnessed a lapse in ethical behavior in the 28 years I have worked at my current employer. I am proud to say that my political beliefs will never tarnish the reputation of either Tau Beta Pi or my employer. The Science and implementation of science (engineering) I have learned in over a quarter of a century in industry has taught me that belief and consensus are the most dangerous enemies of the divination of truth.

    John Holdren, either stand up and admit that there needs to be an open, unbiased investigation of the CRU data, in context, or leave Tau Beta Pi before you ruin their proud history and embarrass its members, past, present and future.

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