U.S. Science & Engineering Industry News

An opinion article in the USA Today outlines a U.S. “self-defeating immigration policy” with regards to foreign graduate students with science and engineering degrees from U.S. universities. Read article
A recent article in The Wall Street Journal describes a new company technique of “hiring and firing” simultaneously. The article cites Boeing Co. as an example, having cut more than 3,000 jobs in 2009, while adding more than 100 employees in areas of defense.

The article summarizes this practice as an adaptation to the current economy and the need for certain worker skills.
Read article
Finally, The New York Times is reporting of a shift in support for the new presidential administration away from hydrogen fuel cells in cars.

Heavily supported by George W. Bush’s administration, cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells are no longer viewed as a practical (over the next 20 years) energy alternative.
Read article

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