New Positions & Recognitions, June 2014

The Mayor of Troy, NY, recently announced that Andrew J. Donovan, P.E. (NY M ’87), has been selected as the new city engineer. He began his new duties this week overseeing the daily civil and structural engineering operations and the city’s Code department. Previously, Donovan served as president of his own engineering practice and also as a full-time engineering instructor at Hudson Valley Community College. He has a degree in civil engineering from Union College. Read the article for more information


Senior chemical engineering major Morgan M. Bakies, IL A 2015, was recently chosen to write for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign admissions blog for the next year. Her first post provided information on her current University experience, her plans for the summer, and other preferences and goals. Currently, Bakies is an engineering intern at Dow Corning and her dream is “to share my love of engineering with other people and empower people to pursue engineering as a career.” Click here to read her introductory blog post


Kim Meacham, AL D ’92, was recently named engineer of the year by the Corps of Engineers (Huntsville, AL) during an Engineer Day awards ceremony hosted by the Huntsville Center. “The day celebrates the beginnings of the Corps of Engineers, on June 16, 1775, however, it was not until 1779 that Congress created a separate Corps of Engineers. The event also serves as a celebration of the 239th Army Birthday and Flag Day, which is June 14. Flag Day recognizes the adoption of the U.S. flag.” See the full list of Huntsville Center employees that were recognized at the ceremony.


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