In the News, June 2014

At the 51st annual Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium (RMBS), MD Arif Khan, WY A 2013, won the President’s Award. “The President’s Award goes to the student presenter who most impresses the President of RMBS (currently Julian Thayer, Ph.D., of Ohio State University) over the course of the entire Symposium. RMBS includes participants from across the U.S. and over a dozen countries. Read the news article

Arif is pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Wyoming in electrical engineering, will continue his education in the Ph.D. program, and is a graduate student working on the Fly Eye project for NASA. He presented two papers, “Localization of a Moving Target Using a Fly Eye Sensor,” and “Effect of Sensor-Target-Background Distance on Target Tracking Using a Fly Eye Sensor,” at RMBS and it was his first time presenting papers at a conference.


Mechanical engineer Donna L. Koczaja, PA D ’94, has worked at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for 18 years. She is now also a practicing Western herbalist thanks to earning a certificate in herbal studies, earning a master’s degree in therapeutic herbalism, and is working on a post-master’s certificate in clinical herbalism. Click here to read more about Koczaja’s journey and her opportunity to help people on a one-on-one basis.


Earlier this summer, the Cal Poly State University Engineering Student Council selected, Taufik, Ph.D. (AZ G ’93), as the Outstanding Professor in the College of Engineering. Dr. Taufik, uses only one name, is an electrical engineering professor and director of the school’s Electric Power Institute. According to the award citation, “During summers he (Dr. Taufik) works with industry on leading-edge projects and brings that knowledge back to the classroom. The depth he goes into, the clarity he brings, and the care and eagerness with which he shares his knowledge and expertise has empowered us all.”


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