Leaders in the News, July 2014

Daniel C. Stanzione, Ph.D., (SC A ’91), has been named executive director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). The TACC “runs some of the world’s largest computing and data systems, with thousands of users from hundreds of institutions investigating issues like gene sequencing, biofuel production, and weather and climate modeling.”

Dr. Stanzione has been serving as deputy director of TACC since 2009 and called the new job a “dream job.” University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers said, “Under Dan’s leadership, I believe our computers will become even more powerful and our research even more world−changing.” Read the news announcement for more information


The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Engineering recently profiled a start-up company-spinoff of technology developed at OSU. ProteoSense “is developing a unique sensor technology (that) allows researchers to detect proteins that are fundamental markers of pathogens.” Mark T. Byrne, OH Q ’82, is president and CEO of ProteoSense, which will initially focus on detecting serious threats to food safety in fresh produce.

Byrne is a life sciences entrepreneur and first learned of the technology at an OSU Technology Commercialization Office event in 2012. “The sensor technology can be readily adapted to three important market verticals: food safety, medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring,” said Byrne. Click here to read about recent funding secured by the start-up and their plans to grow the company.


This week, Alan R. Mulally is officially retiring as CEO of Ford Motor Company. Mulally, KS A ’68, joined Ford in 2006 as the company was mired in an annual loss of $12.7 billion. In short time and during the subsequent recession, Mulally helped bring Ford back and avoid the need for any bailout assistance. Previously Mulally, also “helped revive Boeing’s commercial aircraft business.” See the full article from CNN Money


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