Campus News, July 2014

A group of engineering students and from Johns Hopkins University are developing a wound treatment system that consists of a “syringe-style device that contains two liquids… the device simultaneously injects the two liquids and a chemical reaction occurs (which) causes them to transform into a polyurethane foam that expands to fill the wound cavity, and then hardens.”

Biomedical engineering major Sydney R. Rooney, MD A 2014, is the student team leader and discussed the removal process of the foam. “We are still testing it so we don’t know the final answer, but our physicians aren’t anticipating for it to be a problem,” said Rooney. Read the article from Gizmag


The Philadelphia Inquirer published an obituary for Abraham Noordergraaf, Ph.D., who died in May at the age of 84. Dr. Noordergraaf, PA D ’53, was professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania where he was initiated into Tau Beta Pi as an eminent engineer. His specialized in ballistocariography, “a way of measuring and mapping the pressure and flow of blood into the great vessels of the heart with each heartbeat.”

Read the full obit for more biographical information, including details of Dr. Noordergraaf’s textbook publication and his participation in the formation of the Cardiovascular System Dynamics Society.


Jonathan E. Clark, Ph.D. (UT B ’98), has received an NSF grant as part of a NSF Career Award prize “to build faster, more agile robots to both run and climb across several different terrains.” Dr. Clark is an engineering professor at Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering.

According to the article, Dr. Clark’s lab is already full or robotic prototypes and his future plans include building a robot that moves like a squirrel. This grant will allow him to hire a graduate student lab assistant and to “really examine the science behind how animals move and how they might translate that to a robot.”


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