Association News & Events

Summer has nearly melted away and many of our collegiate chapters will begin the new academic term towards the end of August. A healthy slate of alumni events/opportunities for Tau Beta Pi members is starting to take shape for August and September. All TBP alumni, and in most cases collegiate members, are welcome to attend these events regardless of your initiating chapter. Here is a list of currently scheduled TBP alumni events: (Click here for more details)

Boulder, Colorado – Thursday, August 14
Tampa, Florida – Friday, August 15
Colorado Springs, Colorado – Monday, August 18
San Antonio, Texas – Friday, August 22
Detroit, Michigan – Friday, September 5
Houston, Texas – Friday, September 5


The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) has announced the selection of 2014 Scholars. Astronaut Scholarships are awarded to students during their junior or senior year of study and nominations are submitted by faculty members from participating (27) cooperating educational institutions. Five of the Scholars are Tau Beta Pi members, they are:

Matthew C. Fahrbach – (KY A 2015) computer science at the University of Kentucky (2014 TBP Scholar)
Sarah K. Hansen – (VA A 2015) biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia
Caitlin Mackey – (MA B 2015) mechanical engineering at MIT (2014 TBP Scholar)
Aaron Z. Priluck – (MI G 2015) chemical engineering the University of Michigan (2013 TBP Scholar)
Jason C. Silverman – (CA D 2015) astronautical engineering at University of Southern California


The countdown to the 109th Tau Beta Pi Convention has reached 50 days. More than 500 Association members, officials, and volunteers will converge upon Spokane, Washington in October. The deadline to submit your travel plans for this year’s Convention is September 1. On the Convention web pages a preliminary schedule is available along with a list of sponsors and recruiters.


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