Making News, September 2014

The MacArthur Foundation has announced the 21 recipients of the 2014 MacArthur Fellowships. “Those who think creativity is dying should examine the life’s work of these extraordinary innovators who work in diverse fields and in different ways to improve our lives and better our world,” said Cecilia Conrad, Vice President, MacArthur Fellows Program. “Together, they expand our view of what is possible, and they inspire us to apply our own talents and imagination.”

The MacArthur Fellows work in diverse fields and often across multiple disciplines. One of this year’s Fellows is a Tau Bate: Mark C. Hersam, Ph.D. – (IL A ’96) professor of materials science and engineering at Northwestern University & Chief Advisor to the IL Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, for “drawing on techniques from a variety of fields in investigations of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of nanomaterials, offering new promise for applied uses.” Click here for the class of 2014 MacArthur Fellows.


The Community Education South School highlighted a recent MindSET activity session hosted by the collegiate chapter of Tau Beta Pi at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The AL Beta Chapter at UAB hosts monthly MindSET sessions with Glen Iris Elementary students. Most recently they presented a mousetrap cars module focused on concepts such as Newton’s Laws, potential energy, and velocity. See the image below posted to the Community Education South Facebook page:

Students at Glen Iris Elementary (AL) work on their mousetrap cars.
Students at Glen Iris Elementary (AL) work on their mousetrap cars.


The 109th Convention of Tau Beta Pi will commence in roughly 15 days in Spokane, Washington. Check out the Association’s Convention web page for essential items such as the agenda, schedule, and professionalism policy. This week a supplemental packet of information was posted with details on Convention performances, professional development sessions and presenter bios, social activities, and more. We look forward to hosting the more than 550 scheduled attendees.


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