Making a Difference in Engineering, October 2014

The Wayne State University’s College of Engineering has announced the program’s largest gift ever from James A. Anderson, MI E ’66, “to promote entrepreneurship in Detroit and to establish a revamped commercialization unit.” Anderson is the president and CEO of Detroit-based Urban Science, an auto retail consulting firm. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from Wayne State University (WSU).

The $25 million will establish the James and Patricia Anderson Engineering Ventures Institute, which will be part of the College of Engineering. “The institute will encourage faculty to envision commercial applications for new technology, secure patents and establish new companies,” said Wayne State University in a release. “The institute will also provide mentors to aspiring student entrepreneurs and teach best practices in research innovation, technology transfer and commercialization.” Read the article


The 26th Annual HENAAC Conference took place in New Orleans, LA, from October 2-4. “For over a quarter century, Great Minds in STEM™ has honored the nation’s best and brightest Hispanic engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and technology experts. Through the HENAAC Conference, Great Minds in STEM™ continues to showcase and recognize its most technically‐talented students.” See the full list of 2014 HENAAC Award winners

Tau Bate winners include: RADM Ronald J. Rábago, P.E. (MI G ’85), received the “Executive Excellence” award and is the Assistant Commandant Engineering & Logistics Chief Engineer for the U.S. Coast Guard; Armando Arismendi, CA G ’79, received the “Chairman’s Award” and is Director of Special Government Projects at IBM; and Amri I. Hernandez-Pellerano, PR A ’92, received the “Professional Achievement II” award and is Staff Engineer in the Power Systems Branch at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


CoorsTek, Inc. (Golden, CO) and the Colorado School of Mines recently announced the largest gift in the university’s history to fund the construction of the school’s new CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering. Other parts of the gift “will be used to create a research fellowship program and to equip the new building.” Learn more about the partnership from The Denver Post.

John K. Coors, Ph.D. (CO A ’77), is president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at CoorsTek. He is also the great-grandson of brewery founder Adolph Coors. President of Colorado School of Mines M.W. Scoggins, Ph.D. (OK B ’70), had this to say about the gift and partnership, “What really makes (the gift) impressive is that it involves more than just bricks and mortar. The equipment and educational support are vital,” he said.


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