On the Move, October 2014

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced effective immediately that Lisa Su, Ph.D. (MA B ’91), has been promoted to the roles of president and chief executive officer. Previously, Dr. Su was chief operating officer at AMD and joined the company in 2012 as senior vice president and general manager for global business units.

AMD’s chairman of the board, Bruce Claflin, had this to say about Dr. Su, “…we felt that Lisa’s expertise and proven leadership in the global semiconductor industry make this an ideal time for her to lead the company.” Click here for the article announcing her promotion


Looking for an engineering position? Norgren Kloehn, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norgren, Inc., is looking for a Tau Bate to fill the position of Life Sciences Fluidic System Design Engineer/Project Manager. The position is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The Fluidic Design Engineer is an exciting new position that is committed to ensuring the right products and technologies are making their way to the market.” View the full job description, job requirements, and apply for the job.


Miroslav M. Begovic, Ph.D. (VA B ’89), has been appointed head of the department of electrical and computer engineering at Texas A&M, beginning January 5, 2015. Currently, Dr. Begovic is professor and chair of the electrical energy technical interest group at Georgia Institute of Technology and is an affiliated faculty member of the Brooks Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems and the University of Excellence on Photovoltaic Research. Read the news announcement for more information


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