Upcoming Events & Opportunities, October 2014

The award-winning Engineering Futures (EF) program of Tau Beta Pi has openings for (volunteer) Engineering Futures Facilitators. If you are interested, you can send an email to the EF Coordinator. A few details about the volunteer position follow:

  • Must be a Tau Beta Pi member
  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • Serves as an official of the Association
  • Required to facilitate at least three sessions per academic year
  • All reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed


The next deadline to apply to join the Teach For America (TFA) corps is Friday, October 24. If you will not have a bachelor’s degree by June 2015, you can apply early for the 2016 corps. Learn more here.

We also encourage you to read the “Blow Minds, Teach STEM” blog post from Managing Director, STEM Initiative at TFA Joseph P. Wilson, Ph.D. (FL A ’07), and watch the video “The Art of Mind Blowing: Why We Need More Teachers.”


Wednesday, October 22 the Maryland Delta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi is hosting a fundraiser at Ledo Pizza to raise funds to assist in the planned increase of STEM outreach and tutoring programs for the upcoming school year. The MD Delta Chapter at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) needs your help. All you have to do is eat at Ledo’s Pizza between 11am and 10pm and say you are with “UMBC Tau Beta Pi.” Check out the flyer for all the details


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