Engineer Comedy, Press, & Publication, October 2014

Technically Funny comedian Don P. McMillan, PA A ’81, has a weekly podcast that “takes you deep into the hilarious world of one’s and zero’s. Combining computers and comedy like no one has before.” He posted a recent podcast on “How to Make an Engineer Laugh” and was sporting a very cool brown hoodie that he received after his performance at the recent Tau Beta Pi Convention in Spokane, Washington.

If you are an engineer or know of an engineer that needs a laugh, we recommend checking out this video. Also, take a look at his shout out to Tau Beta Pi, including showing off his TBP apparel approximately 47 seconds in.


Earlier this week, Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson, U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) Academy Superintendent, was inducted into the Colorado Spring Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2014. She is the USAFA’s second all-time leading scorer in women’s basketball. In addition, General Johnson, CO Z ’81, was inducted into the College Sports Information Directors of America Academic Hall of Fame for her on- and- off- the court abilities in 1995 and is a member of the Air Force Sports Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

Lt. General Michelle D. Johnson
Lt. General Michelle D. Johnson
Johnson, in blue, as a USAFA women’s basketball player in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

She was the Academy’s first woman to be a Rhodes Scholar and earned her pilot wings in 1984. General Johnson held numerous Air Force command positions during her career. Before becoming Academy Superintendent, she was the deputy chief of staff of Operation and Intelligence for Supreme Headquarters Allies Powers Europe, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Belgium. General Johnson was inducted into Tau Beta Pi this year as an eminent engineer by the Colorado Zeta Chapter at USAFA.


W. Blake Heitzman, P.E. (TX B ’69), has published a “short dark fairytale” available for free through Smashwords. Entitled “Trail of Transformation” the book is fiction and stays true to the author’s style with “a dash of science and technology, along with a smattering of history and paranormal topics.”

Heitzman’s undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University. He also has a master’s in energy conversion and urban planning as well as experience as a college math instructor. Learn more about the author, his previous novels, and upcoming series


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    I tried playing the video but not playing. I am using mozilla firefox browser. Would love to see this. My dad is an engineer. Is the video itself or from my own end

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