On Campus, November 2014

After the 27th Annual West Virginia University (WVU) Pumpkin Drop took place on October 24, the West Virginia Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi moved in to help clean up the 327 pumpkins that fell 11-stories from the Engineering Sciences Building. Chapter members separated the remains of the pumpkins’ safeguards into four piles, donated 16 large trash bags of bedding and clothes to Goodwill, and delivered two dump trucks of compostable material to the WVU Farm.

Melissa Morris, chief advisor for WVU’s Tau Beta Pi Chapter.

WV Alpha Chapter president Matthew L. McCabe, WV A 2015, spoke about the event: “This was our first year doing the Pumpkin Drop cleanup and we will be continuing to do this in future years,” said McCabe. “It was an opportunity we were happy to run with.” McCabe and WV Alpha’s chief advisor Melissa Morris, Ph.D. (WV A ’06), recently returned from the TBP Convention “energized” and looking to revitalize their local chapter. “Tau Beta Pi is really excited to become more involved with the Statler College and to continue to increase its membership, said Dr. Morris, teaching assistant professor and academic advisor in the Freshman Engineering Program. Click here for the full article and to see images of the chapter’s cleanup efforts.


Bioengineering senior Lynda M. Brady, NY B 2015, was the selected as the student speaker this fall for the Syracuse University (SU) Engineering & Computer Science College’s convocation to the incoming class of students. Brady is currently the Tau Beta Pi New York Beta Chapter president and discusses her involvement in Tau Beta Pi and her maturation as a student in a recent Q&A article.

“I saw an opportunity for the organization (TBP) to have more activities and more of a campus presence. It’s great for engineers, but I found some students didn’t know what it was, so I’ve made it of a goal to get more people involved with it. We offer programs like Engineering Futures, a workshop that focuses on soft skills that we don’t always get in our engineering classes, but are vital in the professional world. We also offer scholarship programs through the organization. Many of the world’s greatest engineers have been in it and employers know about it,” said Brady. “It’s a lot of work. It has helped me get out of my shell and help me appreciate the amount of work that needs to go into running an organization and getting people to work as a team.”


The 36 new members and initiation team of NY Kappa at University of Rochester from Sunday, November 2.

Photo courtesy of Tom Pinkham, MA E ’88, Tau Beta Pi District 2 Director.


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