On the Job, November 2014

Northeastern University “seeks outstanding faculty candidates, with emphasis on bio-related, interdisciplinary expertise” for full-time, tenured track positions within the College of Engineering. Click here to read more about the open faculty searches, in disciplines including bioengineering, chemical engineering, and civil & environmental engineering.


Sarah (Weems) Troupe was recently named to Aviation Week’s Twenty20s list “based on her involvement as a student at Iowa State University (ISU) and her contributions to the aerospace and defense industry.” Troupe, IA A 2014, graduated from ISU this year and is currently a propulsion engineer with Boeing’s Phantom Works. She will be honored this month at the annual Aerospace and Defense Programs Conference in Arizona.

Read the news article from ISU for more biographical information on Troupe, including details of her recent marriage to Paul Troupe, IA A 2014, her college sweetheart.


Time Magazine recently reported that Amazon has posted a job listing for a flight operations engineering on its Amazon Prime Air drone delivery team. According to the job posting, the position will be located in Seattle, Washington at Retail Systems Tech. “Amazon Prime Air is looking for flight operations and certification personnel for flight testing our UAS technologies.”


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