Making News, November 2014

NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) has announced the selection of 20 undergraduate students for NASA’s 2014 Aeronautics Scholarship Program. “The program’s purpose is twofold: to provide opportunities to attract highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to aeronautics and related fields in accordance with the National Aeronautics Research and Development Policy and its accompanying Executive Order, and to help to advance the nation’s aeronautics enterprise by investing in the educational development of the future aeronautics workforce.”

John V. Giammarino, NY R 2016, is majoring in mechanical engineering at Polytechnic Institute of New York University and was among the students chosen for the 2014 Aeronautics Scholarship Program. The Scholarship award includes up to $15,000 awarded for each school year, to be used for tuition, room and board, or other school-related costs and a summer internship at a NASA research center with a stipend in an amount up to $10,000. See the full list of NASA Scholars, including graduate awardee Philippe G. Kirschen, MI G 2014, an aerospace engineering graduate from the University of Michigan pursuing graduate studies at MIT.


Levaté is a company that grew from a semester long project at the University of Oklahoma. Two of the five members of the Levaté team are Tau Bates: Ethan T. van Meter, OK A 2014, and Dillon D. Carroll, OK A 2013. The company recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to support the development of a manufactured prototype of their manual wheelchair lift system.

The Levaté Wheelchair Lift gives wheelchair users an extra 12-18 inches when depolyed and can restore independence, be used for hard-to-reach shelves, or even to have a face-to-face conversation. Watch this video for more information


This past weekend the 10th Annual Girls in Engineering, Math and Science event took place at the University of Kentucky (UK). The Future Cities workshop challenged participants to use an assortment of recycled materials to design a model of a futuristic city. The workshops was led by Bruce L. Walcott, Ph.D. (IN A ’81), the associate dean for New Economy Initiatives and Innovations Management Engineering Alumni Association professor at UK. Dr. Walcott is also the chief advisor to the Kentucky Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.

Read the article from the Kentucky Kernel for more information on the event, the other workshops offered to “all girl scouts in Kentucky and surrounding states from 4th to 12 grade,” and other volunteers such as Rachel A. Adams (KY A 2014).


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