Professors, Fellows, & Rankings

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) has announced the 2014 U.S. Professors of the Year. This year there are four national winners, selected from a pool of 400 nominees, and there are also 31 state winners. Click here for the full list of state winners.

Sheri D. Sheppard, Ph.D. (WI A ’78), was selected as the Outstanding Doctoral and Research Universities Professor of the Year. “Dr. Sheppard is professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University. She was inspired by her time as a senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation to change the way in which students encounter engineering during their first engineering course.” Read a detailed bio for Dr. Sheppard and the other three national winners.


Four-hundred and one Fellows have been selected by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Research (AAAS) and its Council for 2014. The Fellows will be recognized on February 14 at the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting. AAAS Fellows “must be nominated by one of the steering groups of the Association’s 24 sections; by any three Fellows who are current AAAS members (as long as two of the three sponsors are not affiliated with the nominee’s institution); or by the AAAS chief executive officer.” Several of this year’s Fellows are Tau Bates, including:

Manos Mavrikakis, Ph.D. – (MI G ’92) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vilupanur A. Ravi, Ph.D. – (CA N ’80) California State University, Pomona
Norman J. Wagner, Ph.D. – (PA G ’84) University of Delaware


Today, College Magazine profiled the University of Florida (UF) and its top ten honor societies. The report says, “UF has 37 clubs… Here are the groups we think are the most prestigious.” Number one on the list is the Florida Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.

“They’re kind of a big deal – UF’s chapter was named the Most Outstanding Chapter eight times. If you’re big on service, TBP is for you. Melissa Foca, FL A 2014, the communications chair, said each member demonstrates exemplary character. “We also have adopted a street in Gainesville that we clean up seven times a year.” Click here to read the article and see the top ten honor societies at UF according to College Magazine


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