Students & Collegiate Chapters, December 2014

Kiersten K. Wang, FL A 2016, is a civil engineering major and member of the women’s gymnastics team at the University of Florida (UF). She was part of the first UF gymnastics team to win a NCAA title in 2013. She was initiated into Tau Beta Pi in November by the Florida Alpha Chapter. A picture of her with her membership certificate and bent casting was posted to the Facebook page of the University of Florida Gymnastics.

You can also read an article published by the NCAA profiling Wang and her decision to major in engineering.


The “Today in Notre Dame History” website profiled the Bent monument on South Quad in front of Fitzpatrick today (December 10) as it is the 54-year anniversary of the installation of the Indiana Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Notre Dame. Click here to read more and for an image of the monument.


Below is an image from the December 5 initiation at Utah State University (USU) where 20 new members of Tau Beta Pi were initiated into the Utah Gamma Chapter. The image was posted to the USU Flickr account

Initiates (left to right): Orrin D. Pope, UT G 2016, & Michael J. Sieverts, UT G 2016



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