News & Notes, January 2015

Syracuse University (SU) has announced a permanently endowed fund that “will provide scholarship aid, modification of physical facilities, special aid or assistance, or any effort deemed most necessary to make education possible for qualified students with physical disabilities. It is the first endowment gift to provide scholarships to qualified students with physical disabilities.” The fund will be named the James S. Blesh Fund.

Named in honor of the son of Morrell H. Blesh, NY B 1928, and Harriet Blesh. Morrell graduated from SU with a degree in mechanical engineering, worked for General Electric, and passed away in 1993. Read the news release


Tau Beta Pi is now selling insignia license plate frames on the Association’s web store. The frames are cast from zinc and chrome plated with the words and logo die cast and raised for added visibility. You can choose from a black or blue frame. Also, the store now has limited quantities of new hoodie colors (red and royal blue) and the popular “I am an engineer” t-shirt is soon to be offered in a multitude of colors (brown, dark grey, pink, purple, & more). Get yours while supplies last!


A recent article from the Daily Local News (PA), profiled the NovaRacing Team from Villanova University, which will display their 2014 car at the upcoming Philadelphia Auto Show (January 31 – February 8). The 20-student team is captained by Albert T. Montemuro III, PA Q 2015, who also serves as the chassis team leader. Montemuro joined the team as a freshman and is now a senior set to graduate in may with a degree in mechanical engineering.

“I always dreamed about building cars,” Montemuro said. “I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. A lot of companies look for this on resumes. These are the kids with hands-on knowledge.” He plans to take a job with Lockheed Martin when he graduates. This summer the team will compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competition with a goal of finishing in the top 20.


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