Follow-ups, Deadlines & Info, January 2015

The Winston Churchill Foundation has announced the complete list of 14 Scholars for 2015-16. We previously highlighted three Tau Bates and there are another three on the list. That brings the total to six Tau Beta Pi members are 2015-16 Churchill Scholars. The other three Scholars are:

4. Catherine K. Groschner – (PA G 2015) materials science & engineering & corresponding secretary
5. Edward L. Pang – (IL G 2015) materials science & engineering
6. Jonathan P. Timcheck – (OH G 2015) engineering physics


Sunday, February 1, is an important day for Tau Beta Pi members. It is the deadline for the TBP Fellowship applications and the deadline to submit nominations for the TBP Distinguished Alumnus program. The Fellowship Program is Tau Beta Pi’s single most important project for the advancement of engineering education and the profession. We had three deserving Distinguished Alumni in 2014 all of whom attended the 2014 Convention in Spokane, WA. We look forward to recognizing more exceptional alumni this year.


The Headquarters of the Association is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, where a staff of 11 full-time employees works to keep Tau Beta Pi moving forward. Employee names, titles, and contact information is available on the website. The staff is eager to help you!


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