Faces of Engineering: Present, Past, & Future

New Faces of Engineering (Professional Edition) recognizes the outstanding talents, skills and abilities our next generation of engineering leaders (age 30 or younger) have shown on projects that significantly impact public welfare or further professional development and growth. The top 2015 New Faces of Engineering winners will be selected by DiscoverE and announced on April 2, 2015. Find the list of 2015 DiscoverE New Faces of Engineering nominees here. Several are Tau Bates:

Jessica L. Isaacs, Ph.D. – (PA I 2006) mechanical engineering; Widener Univ. assistant professor

Xuanya (Bill) Zhang – (MA A 2013) Arcadia Healthcare Solutions technical consultant

Githin F. Alapatt, Ph.D. – (SC A 2013) electrical engineering; Intel Corp. electrical engineer

Dempsey L. Ballou, P.E. – (KY B 2010) civil engineering; Gresham, Smith & Partners environmental engineer

Lauren K. (Bruneau) Showers – (SC A 2012) mechanical engineering; 3M product development engineer


The Association was saddened to learn of the passing of William Compton, OH E ’41, on Wednesday, February 25 at the age of 98. Compton joined Tau Beta Pi as an eminent engineer in 1984 at Cleveland State University (CSU). According to his obituary, he was a “longtime supporter of CSU.” In 1982, he co-founded the Engineering Student Enrichment Program at CSU, “which provides extra activities for engineering students.”

In his professional life, “he established the Wood Compton Company in 1952. He sold the company, now known as Comptrol Inc., in 1994. It manufactures and provides industrial automation components, systems, and services.”


New Faces of Engineering – College Edition recognizes the best and brightest whose academic successes and experiences in the engineering field have positioned them to make an impact. Each winner will receive a scholarship, recognition, and a feature in an ad in their college newspaper. The winners will be announced in April. Click here for the 2015 DiscoverE New Faces of Engineering College Edition nominees. Several are Tau Bates:

Angadbir S. Sabherwal – (IA A 2016) mechanical engineering

Victor E. Murillo – (TX L 2015) civil engineering
Alexandria N. Boddy – (FL Z 2015) civil engineering
Jennifer A. Kearney – (PA B 2015) civil engineering

Ernesto E. Covarrubias – (CA I 2015) mechanical engineering

Society of Petroleum Engineers:
Kelli M. Alvarado – (TX B 2015) petroleum engineering
Ashwin Rmash – (CA L 2014) electrical engineering

Ruth A. Williams – (WV A 2015) aerospace engineering
Kimberly Lam – (NJ G 2016) mechanical engineering


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