In the News, March 2015

U.S. News & World Report has published a sneak preview of the “2016 Best Graduate Schools rankings. U.S. News surveyed 215​ schools granting doctoral degrees in engineering. In alphabetical order, here are the top 10 highest-ranked engineering schools:” California Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University (PA), Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Purdue University—​West Lafayette (IN), Stanford University (CA), University of California—​Berkeley, University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign, University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor, University of Southern California (Viterbi), and
University of Texas—​Austin (Cockrell). Read more here

In addition, an article from Bloomberg Business highlighted a report from PayScale that calculated the “20-year net return on a school by looking at the differential between median earnings for graduates of that college over 20 years and the median earnings for high school grads over the same period, and then subtracting what they paid for college,” and engineering schools dominated PayScale’s rankings.


The California Upsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at California State University, Sacramento (SAC State) recently created a Facebook page for the chapter and created a new layout for the chapter’s website. This week the CA Upsilon chapter hosted their first general meeting of the spring academic school year. Below is one of the images from the event.



AMPY One is a device “created to capture the energy from the activities that you do everyday and turn it into power for your smartphone.” The company AMPY was recently profiled by CBS news. It was started by a trio of graduated students from Northwestern University (IL) that met while pursuing Ph.D. degrees in engineering. Tejas A. Shastry, IL G 2011, is co-founder & CEO of AMPY and a focus of the article.

The appeal of AMPY One is that is captures current technology and shrinks it down. There have already been 2,500 pre-orders and the team “expects to (begin) mass production this summer.”


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