Making News, March 2015

Dean L. Sicking, Ph.D. (TX D ’80), helped revolutionize safety in auto racing and now he “is part of a competitive industry with designers trying to make safer football helmets.” He recently presented his ideas and goals at a concussion summit in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Sicking’s helmet is designed “to reduce concussions by 75 percent… with the goal of changing how football helmets are tested by using crash-test dummies on a sled.”

Dr. Sicking is a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and has spent nearly 35 years on car safety. “At one point, almost every new guardrail terminal installed on the National Highway System was covered by one or more of Sicking’s patents that he estimates saves 1,000 lives per year.” Sickling explained that, “the same thing can be done with helmets if we’re willing to look at a system and apply all available technologies.” Read the article for more information


A recent article from Mashable, gives details on the upcoming debut of CSI: Cyber, a show with “a team of investigators that solve crimes with a tech twist.”

It also reported details of the National Academy of Engineering’s Next MacGyver contest, “which asks writers to submit ideas for TV shows about a female engineer.” The producers of the potential show say “they’re open to stories about engineers in all specialties, from bio tech to robotics to the environment because they’d like to take advantage of the versatility of the field.” To submit a story, visit this site


University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Professor Emeritus France A. Meier, Ph.D. (TX H ’51), passed away in February at the age of 86. Dr. Meier “laid the foundation for the first engineering doctoral and computer science programs at UTA.” He volunteered his time as a faculty advisor for many organizations on campus, including as an advisor to the Texas Eta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi from 2000-01. Dr. Meier joined TBP as an eminent engineer in 1973. He retired from teaching in 2000. Click here to read the obituary


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