Profiles in Engineering, May 2015

The Lexington Herald-Leader (KY) recently published a profile and Q&A with Dianne Leveridge, Ph.D. (KY A ’92), an “accomplished engineer (who) sees herself as a role model for people who believe thy can’t think.” Currently, Dr. Leveridge is director of technical programs for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) and previously spent more than 20 years as an electrical engineer with Lexmark International, Inc.

Read the article for more details on her life growing up, her education path, and her motivation to let others know that, “when you believe that you can’t think, that’s a bigger hurdle than any that we have to overcome because that’s the hurdle of self.”


The video above features Only Won, The Lyrical Engineer, “rapping about the difficulties with becoming an engineer and landing a job, but he encourages students not to give up and just STAY WITH IT.” His message is part of the STAY WITH IT online community for first and second-year engineering students encouraging them to stay enrolled in their engineering majors and graduate. Baldwin B. Chiu, P.E. (CA U ’98), aka Only Won, is a mechanical engineer at Barry-Wehmiller Design Group.


Ray R. Ayers, Ph.D., P.E. (MS B ’63), will receive the Offshore Technology Conference‘s Heritage Award for his leadership and technical contributions to the industry. He was recently interviewed by in which he spoke about his five plus decades in the offshore research and development industry. Currently, he is a consultant for Stress Engineering Services. He has received 49 patents during his career, performed the first wave tank testing of oil spill cleanup on water, and spent time with NASA’s Saturn V Program. Click here to read the article for more biographical details and a short Q&A.


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