ASEE Fellows & Lemelson-MIT Prize Winners (May 2015)

The 2015 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) class of Fellows has been announced. The 11 engineering and engineering technology educators will be honored June 15-17 at the ASEE annual conference in Seattle, WA. “The Fellow designation is one of unusual professional distinction and conferred by the Board of Directors upon an ASEE member with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications, significant experience in engineering or engineering technology education or allied field, and contributions to ASEE.” Click here for the press release and full list of ASEE 2015 Fellows. Five of this year’s Fellows are Tau Bates, they are:

1. Daina M. Briedis, Ph.D. – (WI G ‘78) Michigan State University associate professor
2. Martha N. Cyr, Ph.D. – (NH A ‘82) Worcester Polytechnic Institute adjunct assistant professor
3. Norman D. Dennis Jr., Ph.D. – (MO B ’71) University of Arkansas professor
4. Donald P. Visco Jr., Ph.D. – (NY N ’92) University of Akron associate dean for undergraduate studies
5. Ronald W. Welch, Ph.D. – (SC G ‘82) The Citadel dean of engineering


Earlier this week, the Lemelson-MIT Program announced the 2015 winners of the Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize Competition (NCSPC). The prize is awarded “for inventions in healthcare, transportation, food and agriculture, and consumer device spaces. Winning teams are composed of undergraduate and graduate students. Winners were selected from a diverse and highly competitive application pool of students from 28 colleges and universities across the country.”

Carl M. Schoellhammer, CA E ’09, is the NCSPC “Cure it!” graduate winner for two inventions “that will drastically enhance pain-free drug delivery in patients via the gastrointestinal tract.” Read about his Microneedle Pill and Ultrasound Probe and work as a Ph.D. student at MIT in chemical engineering.


The NCSPC “Cure it!” undergraduate team winner was composed of two students from Western Michigan University, including Stephen John, MI K 2015. John is a recent mechanical engineering graduate who helped “develop a device that provides respiratory support to infants by delivering pressure to prevent lung collapse.” Learn more about the NeoVent and John’s volunteer efforts in his home country of Nepal.


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