Convention, Scholarships, & Webinar, June 2015

Monday, June 1, is the deadline for Tau Beta Pi collegiate chapters to submit their credentials for the 2015 TBP Convention. Beginning this year, Convention credentials are now to be completed online, click here for instructions. This year’s Convention will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, from October 29-31. Find more information about the Convention here, and a current list of professional development sessions and speakers.


In conjunctions with the end of the 2015 academic school calendar, several Tau Beta Pi collegiate chapters are awarding scholarships to undergraduate engineering student members on campus. Many of these funds have been secured through the Tau Beta Pi Chapter Performance Scholarship Program. This program provides a $500 scholarship award to collegiate chapters of Tau Beta Pi for three consecutive years of winning a chapter project award. These awards are presented at the annual Convention for excellence in project work. In 2014, there were 15 chapters that received a Chapter Performance Scholarship.

The Michigan Kappa Chapter of TBP, at Western Michigan University, recognized a senior member, Erica G. Fojtik (MI K 2016), for her volunteer work with $500 from the Chapter Performance Scholarship Program. In addition, the Ohio Iota Chapter of TBP, at Ohio Northern University, recently awarded $1,000 to a sophomore electrical engineering student. They used the $500 funds from their Chapter Performance Scholarship and then matched the funds.


An upcoming webinar entitled “The Future of Payments? The Rise & Rise of ISO20022” will include Brian R. Phelps, CO A ’87, worldwide consultative sales leader at IBM Secured Archiving Solutions. Phelps has worked at IBM Enterprise Content Management since 1987. He has a degree in geophysical engineering and attended Harvard Business School.

The “webinar will show how widespread it is by highlighting where it is being used and how. Furthermore, it looks at the opportunities that it can create, and at the challenges that it may pose for banks and processors.” Learn more about the webinar and how to register


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