Alumni Announcements & Notes (June 2015)

The Ohio State University College of Engineering recently profiled Kristin C. Comella, FL G ’98, for her career in regenerative medicine. Comella is chief scientific officer at Bioheart where she “oversees the company’s research and product development. She also works to develop new treatment techniques using Bioheart’s cellular products.” In the article, she talks about her work:

“In recent years, we began looking at other indications using stem cells from either bone marrow or adipose tissue. We can place these into damaged tissue or even intravenously to allow for the cells to home to areas of inflammation, build new tissue and suppress an over-reactive immune system,” said Comella. “We’ve had wonderful results.” Her advice to future engineers wanting to help engineer medical breakthroughs is “to get your hands dirty to really start opening your mind.”


John L. Hennessy III, Ph.D. (PA Q ’73), has announced that he will step down as Stanford University’s 10th president in 2016. “The time has come to return to what brought me to Stanford – teaching and research,” said Dr. Hennessy. He has been president of Stanford for 15 years and previously served as chair of the computer science department, dean of the school of engineering, and provost, all at Stanford. Click here to read the news announcement for more information and biographical details.


On Wednesday, September 2, there will be a webinar entitled “Thwarting Advanced Threats with Trusted Crypto” about “the dangers posed by advanced targeted attacks.” John R. Grimm, MA A ’89, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Thales e-Security is one of the two speakers. Together the two speakers with “discuss the gaps in current best-practice defenses and the ways that trusted crypto and trusted execution environments can help fill those gaps.”

For more information on the webinar, to register, and to read more biographical information on the speakers, visit the SANS Institute web page


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