Distinguished Alumni & Other Engineers (July 2015)

For the first time in the 19-year history of Tau Beta Pi’s Distinguished Alumnus program, five alumni have been selected as the 2015 winners. Click here to read the press release. They are:

Gilbert (Gil) F. Amelio, Ph.D. – (GA A ’65) senior partner at Sienna Ventures and a past chairman and CEO of Apple
Chieck M. Diarra, Ph.D. – (DC A ’85) chairman of the board at the African Legal Network and past chairman of Microsoft Africa
Patrick T. Harker, Ph.D. – (PA D ’81) president & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and past president of the University of Delaware
Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson – (CO Z ’81) superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy (CO) and past Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations and Intelligence
Ray A. Rothrock, P.E. – (TX D ’77) partner emeritus of Venrock and past CEO of RedSeal Networks


In June, at the 2015 WEPAN Change Leader Forum there was a panel discussion entitled “Putting Faces to the Statistics: Experiences and Strategies for Retaining Women of Color in STEM.” The panel included Stephanie G. Adams, Ph.D. (NE A ’89), Professor and Head, Engineering Education; and Carmen Sidbury, Ph.D.; Violetta Garcia, Ph.D.; Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves, Ph.D.; and Kelly Mack, Ph.D. Read more here

“The powerful discussion (was) about issues that pertain specifically to women of color in STEM. The dialogue inspired Forum participants to think about ways they can work together to identify and address the special challenges that face women students and faculty of color in STEM. Plans are already being made to continue this dialogue at the 2016 Change Leader Forum.”


The Apollo 11 astronauts reached the moon on July 20, 1969. A recent article from Time magazine, spoke with Margaret Hamilton whose software helped get the astronauts to the moon. According to the article, she was part of the MIT team working at NASA on Apollo 11’s on-board flight software.


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