Engineering Jobs & Engineers, August 2015

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board oversees the defense nuclear complex operated by the Department of Energy. The Board is seeking (Tau Bate) engineers with education and work experience related to the review of all aspects of nuclear safety analyses for defense nuclear facilities, including hazard and accident analysis; functional classification of safety-related structures, systems, and components; critical safety; operational radiological safety; nuclear explosive safety; and nuclear quality assurance programs. See the full job post on the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Job Board for more details


Clayton C. Anderson, IA A ’83, was recently highlighted and took part in a Q&A with Popular Mechanics. He joined the NASA Johnson Space Center in 1983 in the mission planning and analysis division. He progressed through to Chief of the Flight Design Branch in 1993 while continuing to apply to become an astronaut. He received 15 rejections in all before finally being selected in 1998.

He launched into space as part of the crew of STS-117 (2007) and STS-131 (2010). Anderson has logged 167 days in space and 38 hours and 28 minutes of EVA in six spacewalks. He obtained a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from Iowa State University in 1983 and was initiated into Tau Beta Pi in 2013 as an eminent engineer. Read the article and Q&A


The Chronicle of Higher Education has posted a job opening for the position of Dean and CEO of Texas A&M University at Qatar. Applications are being accepted and should be received by September 30, 2015, for fullest consideration. According to the listing, the desired appointment date is January 1, 2016. Texas A&M at Qatar is a branch campus of Texas A&M located in Doha, Qatar that offers ABET accredited bachelor of science degrees in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. The Dean and CEO will provide academic, intellectual and administrative leadership and coordinate priorities and goals with Texas A&M at Qatar faculty members and staff.


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