On Campus Discovery, Job, & Nuclear Lab (September 2015)

Daniel K. Carder, WV A ’92, is part of a research team that performed initial road tests on Volkswagen AG vehicle emissions more than a year ago. The group’s research findings were corroborated recently by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board. Now the automaker is facing possible criminal prosecution for the nearly 11 millions cars worldwide that contain software built to fool emissions tests.

Carder is interim director of West Virginia University’s Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines, and Emissions (CAFEE). He has been providing more details about the initial study testing diesel vehicles including the VW Passat, the VW Jetta, and the BMW X5.


Grand Valley State University in Michigan has an opening for a tenure track assistant/associate professor in the School of Computing & Information Systems. “A Ph.D. in Computer Science, Information Systems, or similar computing discipline is required. Candidates must be professionally active, have demonstrable teaching potential and a commitment to undergraduate and graduate teaching and research.” Click here to see the full job listing for more information and a link to apply online.


The Michigan Daily student newspaper reported on plans to renovate the building at the University of Michigan that previously housed a nuclear reactor to create a Nuclear Engineering Laboratory. According to the article, “the building was first created following World War II, as part of a project called the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project.” The new Nuclear Engineering Laboratory will allow researchers and students to continue research on topics of nuclear energy and advancements in the power plant technology. Three Tau Bates are quoted in the article:

David C. Munson Jr., Ph.D. (DE A ’75), UM dean of engineering: “The research in the new labs will be oriented at detection and imaging of radioactive sources, with applications to nuclear nonproliferation, and improvements to nuclear power plants.”

Ronald M. Gilgenbach, Ph.D. (WI A ’72), UM professor and chair of nuclear engineering: “This laboratory will make the world a safer place by developing new techniques and guiding policies to detect nuclear weapons materials.”

Marc L. Ruch, MA Q 2012, UM nuclear graduate fellow: “Nuclear engineering is really the only solution to global warming. It’s a source of energy that’s economical without producing carbon emissions.”


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