Jobs, MindSET, & Engineering Gift (November 2015)

Here is a list of current job opportunities:

1. Group Lead for Nuclear Programs and Analysis with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board in Washington, DC
2. Electrical Engineer at Athens Utilities in Athens, Alabama
3. Manager, Engineering with Vermont Energy Investment Corp. in Columbus, Ohio
4. Summer Associate at Viacom in New York
5. Development Engineer – Electronics from MET Police in London, England (UK)
6. School of Engineering Education Head at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana
7. Principal Hardware Engineer at Raytheon in Colorado Springs, Colorado
8. Civil Design Engineer with BASF Corp. in Freeport, Texas
9. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the American University in Dubai, UAE
10. Sr. Cylinder Design Engineer at Bailey International LLC in Knoxville, Tennessee


The Florida Theta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Florida International University recently hosted a K-12 MindSET project at St. Brendan High School in Miami, FL. The session consisted of students competing in logic puzzles using the game Minecraft. In addition, the FL Theta students shared tips on being a good engineering student with those in attendance. Two images from the event are below.



The Ohio State University recently received a $14 million gift from the estate of Ed Claugus in support of the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Engineering and the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering. Ed Claugus was the youngest of five brothers, all of whom earned degrees from Ohio State. He and his brother Tom Claugus, OH G ’73, both earned bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering. “It’s great when your younger brother is an inspiration and Ed was an inspiration for me,” said Tom Claugus.

Click here to read the news article for more information on how the funds from the gift will be used to establish scholarships, purchase new equipment, and much more.


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