Provost, Board of Trustees, & NSF Grant (November 2015)

Current dean of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Rochester, Robert L. Clark, Ph.D. (VA B ’87), has been named the next provost at Rochester beginning July 1, 2016. Dr. Clark will step down as engineering dean, but will serve in dual roles as provost and senior vice president for research. He has served as engineering dean for the past seven years. Read the press release for more information on Dr. Clark a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. graduate from Virginia Tech in mechanical engineering.


Earlier this month, Vikram Verma, FL Z ’87, was elected to the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) Board of Trustees. Verma is currently CEO of “Silicon Valley-based 8×8, Inc., and has had a distinguished 25-year executive career with leading technology companies.” He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from FIT and previously served on the university’s Board of Trustees from 2002-07. Read the news article for more details, including information about Verma as a 1987 Tau Beta Pi Fellow.


Engineering professor Byung H. Kim, Ph.D. (CA A ’78), received a grant from the National Science Foundation “to develop a manufacturing process that imprints nano- and micro-scale features into a roll of continuously extruded material.” In talking about the process, Kim says that heat is used to mold the material, kind of like a waffle iron and that it does not require curing and is more efficient than other processes. Click here to read about practical applications of this new process.


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