Engineer Profiles II: Author, Former Dean, & Study-Abroad Student

Patience Griffin, MO A ’93, had her fourth book in the Kilts and Quilts series released this month. She is an award-winning author, has a master’s degree in nuclear engineering, and is known for her quilting of a September 11th Story Quilt. Griffin was part of a Q&A with the Harlequin Junkie where she shared some excerpts of The Accidental Scot.

From the book: “Pippa unzipped her coveralls and slipped her arms out, letting the top dangle down. He was stunned to see that underneath, she sported an old, form-fitting Tau Beta Pi T-shirt.
Tau Beta Pi? The Engineering Honor Society?”

Visit her website for more on her books.


On December 8, 2015, Donald W. Dobler, Ph.D., passed away at the age of 88. Dr. Dobler, CO D ’50, was Colorado State University’s (CSU) first College of Business Dean beginning in 1966. “Under Don’s leadership, our faculty was at the forefront of the change taking place with technology in universities and in the nation,” said John Olienyk, former associate dean associate dean.

According to the obituary, after serving as dean for two decades Dobler and his family established the Dobler Family Scholarship fund to support College of Business students. In 2014, a room was dedicated in CSU’s Rockwell Hall in Dobler’s name. He also worked as an engineer for Westinghouse Electric Corporation, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, and earned MBA and graduate degrees in management from Stanford University.


The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) recently profiled Nathanial A. Long, AL D 2017, who is studying-abroad in Germany at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Long is majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering at UAH and has been taking German language classes as well. His interest in German dates back to his family members that emigrated to Ohio from Bremen, Germany, in 1896.

Read the news article for more on Long’s experiences in Germany, his plans to intern at German Aerospace Company, OHB System AG, or Airbus, and details on his blog documenting his journey.


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