Happy Holidays & Job Opportunities

According to NASA, the astronaut candidate application website is now live and accepting submissions through February 18, 2016. Qualified U.S. citizens may apply here.


There is an open position as a high voltage electrical engineer at Rex Moore Group, Inc., in Sacramento, California. “The ideal candidate will have previous experience in electrical design and construction of medium and high voltage distribution systems on renewable energy projects and will be working with our Engineering, Operation, Estimating and Business development teams to design high-quality and efficient solar PV systems.” Apply here


Learn more about the Manager Ice Water Systems position in Knoxville, TN, with BSH Home Appliances Corp. The candidate will be responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the Research and Development process of Ice Water Systems within refrigerators. This position is part of the global network of 5 development centers. Job qualification requirements include a master’s degree in engineering and 5+ years of experience in design engineering of ice water dispenser systems.


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