Address, Cancer Cell Detection Paper, & Soft Skills Presentation

The Arkansas Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at the University of Arkansas, is hosting the State of the College of Engineering Address on Monday, February 22. The address will be presented by dean of the College of Engineering John R. English, Ph.D., P.E. (OK G ’88). Dr. English became the Dean in 2013 after spending time as Dean of Kansas State University College of Engineering and as an associate professor at Texas A&M University.

He earned his bachelor’s degree (electrical engineering) and master’s degree (operations research) from the University of Arkansas before obtaining his Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University. Dr. English will discuss the current state of the college and the achievements made in the last year. The event is free to current students. Click here for more information.


A team of researchers led by Samir M. Iqbal, Ph.D. (TX H ’96), at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) recently published a paper in Nature’s Scientific Reports about the development of “a new cancer cell detection method that will improve early diagnosis through a tool that tracks cellular behavior in real time using nanotextured walls that mimic layers of body tissue.”

Dr. Iqbal is an associate professor in the electrical engineering department at UTA. “The answer was in creating a nanotextured wall that fools blood samples into thinking its actual tissue,” Iqbal said. “The cancer cells behave differently as they come into contact with the nanotextured walls. They dance.” Read the article from Nanowerk for more details.


Carl S. Selinger, NY I ’67, posted to his Twitter account that he will be presenting “Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School” to the New York Xi Chapter Tau Beta Pi at Manhattan College on Sunday, February 21. Selinger is an “aviation-transportation consultant, globally-published author, (retired) college teacher, and career coach.”

He was initiated into Tau Beta Pi at The Cooper Union School of Engineering (NY), in 1982, as an eminent engineer. He spent 36 years at Cooper Union as an adjunct professor of civil engineering.


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