Presidential Early Career Award, District 12 Conference, & BEYA Awards

One hundred and five researchers have been selected as recipients of the 2016 Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. According to the press release, this is “the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.” Several of this year’s recipients are Tau Bates, including:

Patrick E. Hopkins, Ph.D. (VA A ’04) – Dept. of Defense and associate professor of engineering at the University of Virginia
Anya R. Jones, Ph.D. (NY G ’04) – Dept. of Defense and assistant professor of engineering at the University of Maryland
Colin D. Joye (PA Q ’02) – Dept. of Defense and Naval Research Laboratory
James M. Rondinelli, Ph.D. (IL G ’06) – Dept. of Defense and assistant professor of engineering at Northwestern University
William A. Tisdale, Ph.D. (DE A ’05) – Dept. of Energy and assistant professor of engineering at MIT
Cullen R. Buie, Ph.D. (OH G ’03) – National Science Foundation and associate professor of engineering at MIT


The University of Wyoming (UW) published a new article highlighting the upcoming Tau Beta Pi District 12 Conference to take place at UW from February 26 to 27. The Conference will be hosted by the Wyoming Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. “District 12 contains the nation’s largest land area of all districts” and will include students traveling from Colorado, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and Utah. This year’s conference was organized by Dakota Roberson, WY A 2013, a doctoral degree student in electrical engineering at UW.

“The students get to participate in leadership activities that help them learn what qualities make a good leader, and that is the focus of Tau Beta Pi,” said Roberson. Read the article for more information on the Conference, including keynote speaker Kipp A. Coddington, IN A ’86, director of the Carbon Management Institute at UW.


The 2016 BEYA Global Competitiveness Conference took place in Philadelphia, PA, February 18-20. As part of the annual event, the BEYA awards were given out. Several Tau Bates were recognized, including: (Click here for the full list of awardees.)

Jeffrey S. Chavis (DC A ’89) – Professional Achievement, project manager at The Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Laboratory
Conrad D. James, Ph.D. (IN G ’96) – Special Recognition, Principal research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories
John J. Tracy, Ph.D. (CA T ’86) – Lifetime Achievement, CTO at The Boeing Company


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