On Campus Hall of Fame, E-Week, & Scholarship

Five individuals were inducted and two engineering projects were honored by the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame this month. The Hall of Fame is overseen by engineering colleges and schools at Auburn Univ., Alabama A&M Univ., Univ. of Alabama (UA), Tuskegee Univ., Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville, and the Uni. of South Alabama. It is administratively managed through the UA College of Engineering.

One of this year’s inductees is Stephen D. Moxley Jr., AL B ’49, former president of Avco (now Avex Electronics). He graduated from UA with an electrical engineering degree, was a registered professional engineer, and is credited with two patents at Conoco on cross-correlating computers and magnetic recording techniques. His father Stephen D. Moxley, AL B ’22, was also an engineer and Tau Bate. Click here to read the article for more on Moxley Jr., and the rest of the inductees and engineering projects.


E-Week 2016 is in full swing at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), this week. Events were organized by the Engineering Student Council and conclude with an awards banquet on Friday, February 26. The California Tau Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at UCI, got in on the fun by hosting a paper airplane competition. See the Twitter video here and an image below of Tau Bate Maaikee Kiyoe Pronda, CA T 2017.

Maaikee Pronda


Kortney P. Wagner, IA A 2016, has been awarded the Schafer Educational Scholarship at Iowa State University. Wagner is a senior majoring in biological systems engineering. According to the announcement, “cash wards are made on an ad hoc basis to qualifying students from Louisa County, Iowa, who attend ISU to study engineering.

The article also includes an image of the ISU professor Carl J. Bern, Ph.D., P.E. (NE A ’63), Kortney, and the rest of the Wagner family at a recent Tau Beta Pi dinner.


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