EMF TEDx Talk, Bent Selfie, Things to Do w/An Engineering Degree

Earlier this month, Jeromy C. Johnson, SD A ’98, spoke at TEDxBerkeley. His talk was entitled “Wireless Wake-Up Call.” You can watch a video of the talk on Johnson’s website and learn more about how he became an EMF Exposure expert.

He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and “had a successful career in Silicon Valley before he began to experience negative health effects from wireless technology and electrical pollution.”


As part of E-Week 2016, the Engineering Student Council at Kansas State University hosted Twitter scavenger hunts, including this challenge asking “you to take a selfie in front of something Tau Beta Pi related!” We think Gabriela Armendariz, KS G 2016, met the challenge with her selfie below with the bent monument on campus and fellow Tau Bate Zach B. May, KS G 2017.

KS Gamma Bent monument


Kipp A. Coddington, IN A ’86, director of the Carbon Management Institute at the University of Wyoming was the keynote speaker at the recent Tau Beta Pi District 12 Conference in Laramie, WY. His talk was entitled the “500 Things You Can Do with an Engineering Degree, Not including Engineering.” He shared his presentation slides on LinkedIn and you might enjoy reviewing them and sharing them with other aspiring engineers.


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