Images of Tau Beta Pi (March 2016)

Students work with a FL Q Chapter volunteer on building a structure made of marshmallows and popsicle sticks.

The Florida Theta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at Florida International University (FIU), hosted approximately 90 students for a MindSET structures hands-on module as part of the FIU Engineering Expo 2016. The students responded positively to the activity and presented their structures along with an explanation of its engineering purpose. Several students indicated a desire to build structures as future engineers. Thanks to FL Theta MindSET chair Daniela S. Gil, FL Q 2017, for submitting the images and summary.


Last week, members of the Texas Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at the University of Houston, gathered to bowl and celebrate some birthdays as part of their spring social event. See below for an image from the event.










On Sunday, February 28, the California Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at UCLA, hosted its 6th Annual Rube Goldberg Competition. The event pits teams of 5-8 against each other in building a Rube Goldberg machine, which performs a simple task in the most complicated way possible using common everyday items. More images from the event are available here.



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