University Alumni Giving Back (March 2016)

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has announced a $5 million commitment to fuel the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative. The gift from David J. Trone and June Malament Trone, NY O ’78, “will establish the Trone Family Public Policy Initiative Fund, providing funding for research and other critical support promoting clear, fact-driven, accessible knowledge to stimulate policies that benefit the American public.”

Both of the Trone’s received their MBAs from the Wharton School. David is co-owner and president of Total Wine & More. June graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Stony Brook University (NY) and previously worked as a process engineer at Scott Paper Company. Read the news announcement for more information on the initiative.


Randy D. Peters, P.E. (NE A ’87), retired from the Nebraska Department of Roads after nearly four decades of rising through the ranks. He finished his career as chief executive officer and spent time as deputy director-engineering, state traffic engineer, and assistant roadway design engineer. He could not resist returning to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) as an associate professor of practice in civil engineering.

According to the article, he “hopes to use his industry connections and experiences learned working his way up the ladder to give students a realistic view of professional life.” Peters will be teaching a senior design capstone course at UNL, where he received his bachelor’s in civil engineering. “These students impress me with their work ethic and native intelligence,” said Peters. “It’s often surprising to students that there are so many permutations of how the science can be deployed in an agency setting.”


Chief executive officer and president of Technology Marketing Corporation, Matt D. Folk (IN A ’91), led a group of Purdue University alumni in pledging support towards the construction of the football performance complex. In addition to leading his manufacturer’s representative firm, Polk also serves as president of the Boilermaker Business Exchange of Indianapolis, a non-profit group formed by Purdue supporters to facilitate networking and to encourage support for the university.

He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Purdue. Click here for more biographical details on Folk and the Purdue campaign.


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