SAE Fellow, Toyota Institute, & Boeing CTO Retiring

Sandia National Laboratories is reporting that Mark P. Musculus, Ph.D. (MI B ’92), has been named a (2016) fellow of SAE International, formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers. Dr. Musculus is a combustion researcher and has been a technical staff member of the Sandia engine combustion department for 17 years.

He was recognized for “his pioneering research on in-cylinder processes of conventional and low-temperature combustion direct-injection engines and the international leadership he has brought to the field. His contributions are providing both a new understanding of the fundamental in-cylinder processes of low-temperature combustion as well as new laser/imaging diagnostic techniques for optical engine research.” Click here to read the news release.


The entire staff at Jaybridge Robotics, an artificial intelligence software firm, has been hired by the Toyota Research Institute. The goal for the new hires is to develop self-driving cars. Gill Pratt, Ph.D. (MA B ’83), is the leader of the Toyota Institute and is a former program manger for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Dr. Pratt said “that (the) Jaybridge staff brings decades of experience developing, testing, and supporting autonomous vehicle products.” Read the article from Fortune for more information.


John J. Tracy, Ph.D. (CA T ’86), plans to retire from Boeing this summer after spending 35 years with the company. Dr. Tracy is currently Chief Technology Officer and Sr. VP of Engineering, Operations and Technology. He joined McDonnell Douglas as a stress analyst in 1981. The company was acquired by Boeing in 1996.

In the announcement, Boeing Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg, IA A ’86, said, “John Tracy has personified engineering and technical excellence at the leading edge of aerospace innovation throughout his 35 years with Boeing. He will leave us a legacy of achievement that includes a new generation of diverse and talented innovators developed under his watch.”


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