Pistilli Award, Hall of Fame, & Alumni Events (May 2016)

The Design Automotive Conference (DAC) Executive Committee will present the 2016 Marie R. Pistilli Women in Engineering Achievement Award to Soha Hassoun, Ph.D. (SD B ’86), at the 53rd DAC June 5-9, in Austin, TX. The Pistilli Award recognizes women that have made important contributions in electronic design automation (EDA) and individuals that have helped women advance in the field of EDA technology.

Dr. Hassoun is professor and chair of the department of computer science at Tufts University (MA). Her current research interests include developing algorithmic solutions to facilitate designing integrated circuits, and understanding the impact of new technologies such as double-gate devices, carbon nanotubes, and 3-D integration on design. Read the news release for more biographical details on Dr. Hassoun, a 1986-87 TBP Fellow, and information about DAC and the award.


John W. Prados, Ph.D., P.E. (TN A ’54), has been named the inaugural member of the University of Tennessee department of chemical and biomolecular engineering hall of fame for his sixty years of service to the department as a teacher, administrator, and university icon. Dr. Prados joined the department in 1953 and has served as acting chancellor of the Knoxville and Martin UT campuses, as acting director of energy conversion programs at the UT Space Institute, and as vice president for academic affairs of the statewide UT System.

Dr. Prados has dedicated much time in support of Tau Beta Pi. He was a member of the 1986-90 Executive Council of Tau Beta Pi and has served as a member of the editorial board of The Bent magazine since 2003. Click here to read the news announcement.


There are several alumni gatherings of Tau Beta Pi members scheduled to take place in the upcoming weeks. You can find the calendar with a list of all events here. A reminder that these events are open to any Tau Bate (alumni and student) from any chapter, unless otherwise stated. Find details below on upcoming events.

New York City, New York – Wednesday, May 25, at the Bea eatery. (TBP Executive Director Gomulinski will be present.)
Colorado Springs, Colorado – Tuesday, Mary 31, at the USAFA Aeronautics Laboratory (free tour)
New Orleans, Louisiana – Tuesday, May 31, at The Fly park (3rd annual Crayfish boil)
Chicago, Illinois – Saturday, June 11, at Gino’s East River North (Opportunity to meet with TBP Executive Council.)
Madison, Wisconsin – Sunday, June 12, Great Dane Pub (TBP President & Executive Director will be present.)
Nassau Bay, Texas – Saturday, June 18, barbecue at alumna’s house.


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