Molecular Air Purifier, Optical Science & Engineering, & Alumni Events (June 2016)

The Tampa Bay Times (FL) recently profiled a new molecular air purifier developed by professor and co-director of the Clean Energy Research Center at the University of South Florida. Yogi Goswami, Ph.D., P.E. (AL A ’75), recently unveiled the 2-ft tall aluminum cylinder, which took more than two decades to perfect. Dr. Goswami started working on the project to aid his son who suffered from severe allergic reactions. Read the article for more information.

Today, that son, Dilip N. Goswami (FL A ’02), is co-founder and CEO of the company, Molekule, which will begin shipping the world’s first molecular air purifier in early 2017. Dr. Goswami’s daughter and Dilip’s sister, FL A ’08, is also a co-founder of Molekule. The family of engineers and Tau Bates are working together to commercialize the air purifier that works by using a LED light “to create a chemical reaction in a replaceable, nano-coated filter that quickly breaks down harmful molecules like allergens and chemicals.”


Kareem J. Garriga Francis, AL D 2016, was recently profiled by the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). Garriga is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in optical science and engineering and will attend the University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics in pursuit of his Ph.D. According to the article, a deadly outbreak of tornadoes that hit in 2011 while Garriga was a senior in high school lead to him attending UAH.

“I don’t think I could have done that where I was planning to go!” said Garriga. During his time at UAH, he has received a Gates Millennium Scholarship, a National GEM Consortium Fellowship, and a U.S. Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship. Garriga attributes many of his accomplishments to his research time with Junpen Guo, Ph.D. (IL A ’97), a professor and principal investigator of UAH’s Nanophotonics and Plasmonics Lab. “They weren’t looking at my GRE score but my research experience – and people know Dr. Guo,” said Garriga.


There are several alumni gatherings of Tau Beta Pi members scheduled to take place in June. You can find the calendar with a list of all events here. A reminder that these events are open to any Tau Bate (alumni and student) from any chapter, unless otherwise stated. Find details below on upcoming events.

Evanston, Illinois – Sunday, June 5, at Northwestern Univ. Lakefill (networking picnic)
Austin, Texas – Saturday, June 11, at Pinthouse Pizza (officer meet and greet)
Chicago, Illinois – Saturday, June 11, at Gino’s East River North (Opportunity to meet with TBP Executive Council.)
Madison, Wisconsin – Sunday, June 12, Great Dane Pub (TBP President & Executive Director will be present.)
Tampa, Florida – Wednesday, June 15, World of Beer (Celebrate 131st anniversary of first TBP member’s initiation.)
Nassau Bay, Texas – Saturday, June 18, barbecue at alumna’s house.


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