ASM Fellow, Recruiting Fair, & Nuclear Energy Grants

Matthew J. O’Keefe, Ph.D. (MO B ’85), has been named a Fellow of ASM International, a leading association of metals-centric materials scientists and engineers, according to an announcement from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Dr. O’Keefe is chair of materials science and engineering and a professor of metallurgical engineering at Missouri S&T. He is a 17-year member of the faculty at Missouri S&T and has active research in thin films, coatings, environmentally friendly processing and characterization of materials.


Hundreds of talented and sought after Tau Beta Pi collegiate students will be attending the 2016 Convention in San Diego, CA, October 6-8. The Association’s annual recruiting fair will be held on Friday, October 7, and students are hoping to connect with top companies looking to hire upperclassmen and recent graduates for full-time positions and internships. If you think that your employer might be looking to hire more exceptional Tau Bate employees like yourself, please help us get in touch with the right people at your company.

For a fee of $1500, companies receive a booth, lunches for four recruiters, a resume DVD, a full page ad in the program, and additional recognition on our website and in The Bent magazine. We are also looking for a variety of sponsorships, which many contain a speaking opportunity. For more details, visit our recruiting center


Heng Ban, Ph.D. (UT G ’85), and Barton L. Smith, Ph.D. (UT G ’90), are professors of mechanical engineering at Utah State University and they are the recipients of grants from the U.S. Department of Energy for nuclear energy research.

Dr. Ban’s grant is for research into accident-tolerant nuclear fuels. Dr. Smith’s grant is to improve computer models that predict how reactor cooling systems behave in an accident scenario. Click here to read the article for more information on the research and the grants. In addition, Dr. Ban serves as an advisor to the UT Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.


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