Ceramic Society Awards, TBP Fellowship Program & Leadership Interview

Ed P. Gorzkowski III, Ph.D. (PA A ’99), has been awarded the 2016 Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS). The award goes to “a young professional member of AcerS who demonstrates exceptional leadership and service to ACerS. Dr. Gorzkowski is currently the acting head of the ceramics and rapid prototyping section at the U.S. Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC. He has served on several ACerS committee awards panels and is a District 4 Director for Tau Beta Pi.

See the full list of 2016 ACerS Awards here and read Dr. Gorzkowski’s ACerS profile for more biographical information.


Tau Beta Pi and the Director of Fellowships, Sally J. Steadman, Ph.D. (WY A ’69), would like to thank 18 Tau Bates who volunteered their time in support of the 2016-17 Fellowship Program. The volunteers assisted in reviewing applications and providing feedback to the Fellowship Board. This was the first year applications were submitted electronically through our website, and with over 497 applications, their help was extremely important to the success of the program.

Thanks also goes to the four other members of the TBP Fellowship Board for selecting the 24 Fellows from a very competitive field of applicants for the 83rd group of Association Fellows.


Recent Ph.D. degree recipient Parag Gupta, Ph.D. (TN B ’02), was interviewed as part of a leadership classroom series, “Conversations With 21st Century Leaders” by an adjunct faculty member of Northwestern University. Dr. Gupta earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Northwestern, his dissertation work on iron-doped diamond-like carbon coatings was conducted in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory’s Tribology Section, and is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Integrated Graduate Education and Research Training Fellowship.

To watch the interview video, click here. To read more about Dr. Gupta, a past advisor to the IL Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, read the LinkedIn blog post.


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