New Dean, McMillan Performance, & Interscatter Communication

Lakshmi N. Reddi, Ph.D. (KS G ’82), has been selected as dean of New Mexico State University’s College of Engineering. Previously, Dr. Reddi was dean of the graduate school and professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering at Florida International University. He joined Tau Beta Pi as an eminent engineer in 2003 while serving as head of the department of civil engineering at Kansas State University.

Click here to read the announcement for more biographical information on Dr. Reddi.


Tau Beta Pi is excited to announce that Don McMillan, PA A ’81, will present his “Engineer@Heart” show for attendees on Thursday night at the 111th Convention of Tau Beta Pi in San Diego, CA. McMillan is an engineer and comedian with Technically Funny, Inc. He joined Tau Beta Pi as an undergraduate at Lehigh University. He then went on to get a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Afterwards, he spent more than 10 years working in Silicon Valley as a chip designer and manager. In 1993, he won the $100,000 Star Search Comedy Grand Champion competition and decided to become a stand-up comedian. “But in his heart he’s still – and always will be – an Engineer.” His “Engineer@Heart” show celebrates the ways engineers think, live, and interact. Using solid engineering methods to generate comedy, Don has filled his show with graphs, charts, formulas, and complex robust models. Through an Engineer’s eye, Don addresses everything from relationships to statistical analysis to shopping.


TechCrunch recently profiled a new “technique that eliminates the necessity to produce wireless signals at all. Instead, using interscatter, the device can essentially harvest and re-deploy signals it receives.” The technique was created by three electrical engineering graduate students from the University of Washington.

According to the article, this “interscatter communication” is 10,000 times more efficient than producing Wi-Fi signals and 1,000 times more efficient than Bluetooth. The paper describing interscatter will be presented by the team members on August 22 at the SIGCOMM conference in Brazil.


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