ISU Solar Car, NFL Coach, & Dlo Geri

In a recent article from the Iowa State Daily, the Solar Car team of Iowa State University (ISU) was profiled. According to the article, team PrISUm began as a project for Tau Beta Pi in 1989. At this year’s American Solar Challenge, the team placed seventh and was awarded the International Solarcar Federation Achievement Award and “will recreate the most recent solar car into a remote-controlled model to be sold on Amazon to promote solar racing to children.”

James C. Hill, Ph.D. (CA G ’62) is a professor of chemical and biological engineering and team PrISUm adviser at ISU. Dr. Hill is also an Iowa Alpha Chapter advisor and District 11 Director for Tau Beta Pi. “These students are achievement-oriented, and the ones who graduate are fearless,” Dr. Hill said. “They aren’t afraid to take on something new, and many have started their own businesses.”


Rick S. Dennison, CO D ’79, is the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Colorado State University where he was a football letterman, second-team Academic All-American, and the recipient of the Merrill-Gheen Award as the university’s most outstanding male scholar-athlete.

Read an article from The Denver Post for more information on his career working in the NFL. Dennison also played for the Broncos, as a linebacker, from 1982-90 and appeared in three Super Bowls (XXI, XXII, and XXIV). He has been a player and coach for the Broncos for 25+ years, including as the special teams coach for the Super Bowl champion Broncos in 1997 and 1998.


Dlo Geri is a nonprofit founded to provide safe and clean water to the people of Haiti. Albert J. Capuzzi, P.E. (PA Q ’91), is the creator of Dlo Geri and a wastewater engineering leader with Jacobs Engineering. In January 2016, the founding members of Dlo Geri traveled to northern Haiti to assess how to best design a clean water project for the New Hope Hospital site.

Click here to read the article for more details on the certified nonprofit organization. “In doing this project, we hope to use our skills and knowledge and transfer it to them,” Capuzzi said. “They’re very joyful people in Haiti, and we’re trying to help them thrive.”


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