Jobs, Dean DeLoatch, & Codename Hexagon (September 2016)

Here is a list of current job opportunities:

1. Graduate Engineer at Arup in USA
2. Weapons Systems Engineer SME with AECOME in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3. Engineer I with Exelon in Cordova, Illinois
4. Arconic Casthouse CoE Mechanical Engineering at Alcoa in Knoxville, Tennessee
5. Assistant Professor Engineering Mechanics at U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado
6. Signal Processing Engineer from B&W Group in West Sussex, England
7. PostDoc Research Position with Computer Science Research Group at Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
8. Sr. UX Engineer with Avalara in Seattle, Washington


2016 Tau Beta Pi Distinguished Alumnus recipient Eugene M. DeLoatch, Ph.D. (DC A ’59), was recently profiled by The Baltimore Sun in an op-ed piece. Dr. DeLoatch is retiring this year as the dean of the Morgan State University College of Engineering. He has been the dean since the school’s founding more than 30 years ago and “is credited with producing more black engineers than any other individual in the history of American higher education.”

Click here to read the article, which was written by Dr. David Wilson, president of Morgan State University in Baltimore.


As part of CNN’s series “Declassified,” America’s supersecret Hexagon spy satellites were profiled. “These were much better pictures than Google Earth,” Phil Pressel (NY E ’59) told CNN. Pressel was a top engineer at Perkin-Elmer, designer and builder of Hexagon’s cameras.

According to the article, the images and satellites played a role in protecting the United States during the Cold War. Each satellite was the size of a school bus and weighed 30,000 pounds. They created photos showing 370-mile swaths of the planet. From 100 miles in orbit, those pictures clearly showed objects as small as 2 feet wide. “I honestly think that the Hexagon program was responsible for preventing World War III,” Pressel said.


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