NJ Aviation Hall of Fame, Convention Images, & Webinar on Conveyors

Robert J. Cenker, P.E. (PA B ’70), has been selected as a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey. He was recognized at an induction dinner in late September. He was one of three individuals recognized for “uniquely contributing to the advancement of human flight.”

Cenker flew aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-61-C as a payload specialist for RCA. He was chosen for this role as a result of overseeing the design of the Satcom Ku program as the manager of systems engineering at RCA. According to the announcement, Cenker has been consulting with various firms in the areas of spacecraft design, assembly, flight operations, and micro-gravity research, since leaving RCA in 1990.


All the details and news from the Tau Beta Pi 2016 Convention will be available soon. In the meantime, here are two of our favorite images from the awesome time in San Diego, California.

Credit: Josh Larson, MI G 2011
Credit: Anthony Olenik, NY T 2008


On Thursday, October 27, a webinar “Simple Conveyor Line Enhancements that Deliver Results” will be hosted by Design World. Two speakers will cover “how the next generation of Idlers and Conveyor Pulleys are enhancing conveyor lines.” Lisa Eitel, OH E ’01, is one of the speakers. She is a senior editor at Design World magazine. She has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cleveland State University and 14 years of experience as a technical writer.

Click here to register for the webinar, learn more about the topic, and read more about Eitel who also serves as a judge for the FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regional competitions.


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